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What am I seeing?

There is a 6-hour time difference between Medjugorje and U.S. Eastern Standard Time, so, depending on your location, when it is daytime for you, it may be nighttime in Medjugorje, and vice versa.

When it is daytime in Medjugorje, you can see Apparition Hill. At the top right corner of the image is the white statue of the Blessed Mother, which marks the place where the six visionaries experienced their first apparition. According to the third secret that Our Lady entrusted to the seers, the "permanent sign," prophesied to be miraculous and indestructible, will appear on Apparition Hill. Part of the reason behind this webcam is to allow people to see the permanent sign as soon as it appears. During the day, you will also see pilgrims climbing Apparition Hill, most likely praying the rosary as they go up or down.

When it is nighttime in Medjugorje, you will see some points of light that look like stars. Most of these lights are actually part of the illumination that the local parish installed along the trails leading up and down Apparition Hill. At the upper right corner of the screen, you may be able to see the faint image of Our Lady's statue. You may also see flashlights being used by pilgrims as they negotiate the rocky trails. When there is a nighttime apparition on the hill, you will see many flashlights!

About the Medjugorje Webcam

Several years in the making, the Medjugorje webcam is a product of much prayer and determination by filmmaker Sean Bloomfield, the founder of Medjugorje Live and maker of Medjugorje videos. This webcam is actually the view from the Two Hearts Hotel in Medjugorje, a marvelous place to stay while on pilgrimage in this blessed village.

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